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What the fans are saying about Gypsy Soul....

"When I first heard Cilette sing, I was in. In the listening zone. Hooked. Wearing a smile that wouldn't stop and that Cilette definitely noticed blooming in the field of faces she sang to. I anticipated every next song. Roman's accompaniment mesmerized my husband beside me. Roman is a brilliant guitarist, performer, musician. The two together are simply tuned in. Their music went straight to our hearts and we listen to their CD's regularly. 

What kind of music is it? On key, harmony-filled, heart-place, life-story lyrics sung like they are a beautiful oil painting inside your i-pod as you travel the world with them through every measure of every song." - L & T Sortino, (San Luis Obisbo, CA)

"....still relevant in my life, 15 years later. Eternally grateful always, for my very first example of ethereal beauty & the power of words set to chords & melody." - K. Green (Chicago, IL)

"Seeing Gypsy Soul is like being at the ocean.  It cleanses the soul." - C. Horner, (San Francisco, CA)

"Thank you for last nights Felton Show. You lifted my spirits after losing my mom recently. And taking the time for kisses and talk! You guys are the REAL deal."  - S. Roberts (Felton, CA)

"Another beautiful creation by my friends, the amazingly talented Roman & incredibly gifted Cilette. Their (Gypsy Soul's) music & concerts are not just enjoyable musically. They are MOVING. Roman & Cilette speak to your heart. Their music is an emotional experience. You leave their performances uplifted, encouraged, & feeling like you've been seen, heard, and understood. Roman & Cilette are warm, humble, loving human beings, as well. Approachable and friendly with their audience members, not distant or "above" the rest of us." - J. White, (Ashland, OR)

"Thank you both for the pulsar of brilliant light and love you bring to the world through your music. Your talent, amazing grace and dedication to serving through song is truly a gift and a blessing." - C. Summers (San Francisco, CA)

"Just wanted to drop a note of appreciation for the beauty you and Roman offer our world. When I'm troubled, I play some of your soul nurturing music, and inevitably my mood shifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sweet blessings to you both." - L. Darpinian (Modesto, CA)

"Gypsy Soul nailed their sets to great applause and a standing ovation, as they filled the room with sound, spirit, and soul! Thank you!" - G. Brewster (Los Gatos, CA)

"I felt so connected to your lyrics in our songs. Your music not only helped me through some tough times but also empowered me and helped me celebrate the woman I am today. A woman who is confidant, compassionate, heartfelt and self aware...... It was funny last night when you shared personal parts of your life and made reference to 'owning your own stuff.' I believe this is one secret to living all of who you are. What I appreciated most was your sharing of your life. It was real and honest.  We see a lot of live music but Gypsy Soul is the only one we have seen multiple times! I just want to thank you and your music for being a huge of my life over the years. I express heartfelt gratitude to both of you." - S. M. Talerico (Phoenix, AZ)

"Your voice can make my heart a very good way' your Lyrics and your sweet Voice and Roman's guitar can elevate my Spirit and remind my soul of that sacred space in us all....much needed at this moment. Love, Love, Love!!" - V. Ventura

“If they come to a city near you, beg, borrow, or STEAL the money to get tickets to see them. FABULOUS!!" 
- C.M. Roca-Kruschke (Medford, OR)

"Me and five of my friends were blown away tonight at Cilette Swann/Gypsy Soul’s concert tonight at Thumbnail Theater...not only does Cilette have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard, but her husband Roman is an excellent guitarist! It’s the best live show I’ve ever seen! And I have seen A LOT. Particularly LOVE, LOVE the southern- bluezy songs...YES!" - M. Wolf Vincent (Snohomish, WA)

"A woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, not held back by trying to fit an impossible mold for each and every fan...with Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit you are far more than just are gaining a friendship...and friends support friends regardless of political or spiritual differences. Love these two. They are mentors. Be the Change! And they mean it when they sing it! Namaste." - M. Pebbles (Redding, CA)

"I have sent a lot of your CD to our troops overseas. They love them❤️?.... I also play them for myself." - B. Okeefe (Palm Beach, FL)

"Love you, love you LOVE You! You speak to my SOUL! You and your husband are Awesome! I will be there in Dec. I play your CD's in my car so your beautiful Soulful music goes with me where ever I go! Thank you! Your music is changing the world, making it a better place!" - C. Cochran (Bay Area, CA)

"Happy Anniversary Roman and Cilette! So proud and blessed to have been part of this world for the last 12 years!" - J. Rasmussen (UK)

"Gypsy Soul....they are not just two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet in your life, but they play and sing so heavenly, that you will long to hear more. To hear them play once is to truly fall in love with them forever....I know, that if you get the chance to join in on their concert, you will thank me later." - K. Barker (Medford, OR)

"If a Gypsy Soul concert is coming to your area….this is a must see show.  The music of Cilette & Roman is high quality & uplifting. These talented individuals are collectively know as Gypsy Soul.   At this moment, Roman is my favorite guitarist. His technique and approach have been finely tuned by many years of working with music. Cilette has the voice of an angel and her arrangements are high vibration.  Now go get your tickets!!” - T. Houge (San Jose, CA)

"I highly recommend Gypsy Soul.  They are an awesome duo and very engaging with the audience. We have most of the CDs and have been to numerous concerts, hope you grab a friend and go.” - C. Mikkola (Weaverville, CA)

"Awesome- the only music that truly reaches my soul." - W. Kolar Mullens (San Juan Batista, CA)

"Such an absolute blessing to get to see you perform last night once again.....Your angelic voice and presence, brings such serenity and grace, to any room or occasion, especially for the precious, 'Winter/Spring' cause, and all whom you help heal, with your words, & music, no matter what their pain may be." - S.J. Champion (Medford, OR)

"Love your energy and beauty of what you bring to our senses." - M. Ria (Idaho)

“Last night we had the extreme pleasure to see the oh so lovely duo Gypsy Soul at the intimate Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish.  It was a wower….Truly the most heart piercing live music experience I have seen all year.  Roman is a fabulous  guitarist and Cilette is truly beautiful with the voice of voices.  Together they are pure magic.  They will be at Triple Door this Sunday, so if you can possibly be there, your soul will thank you.   Their versions of Christmas music (which so often annoy me) thrilled me because they are so soulful, with added gifts.   I bought 8 CDs and may need more because I want everyone to experience their magic.”  - I. Raa (Seattle, WA) 

"Cilette, thank you - I listened to your beautiful songs "Always Been You" and "We are What We Believe" right before I went into radiation tube. So in a special way I took you and Roman on this journey with me. Your angelic melodic voice and Roman's magical music sent me in for this very important treatment very happy and very calm!" - K .M. Suchy (San Francisco, CA)

"THANK YOU for "Who"...It served me so beautifully today in all of those "beyond imperative" spiritual questions...Perfection in a stellar guiding light song along the spiritual journey... Namaste." - J. Schaur (Grants Pass, OR)

"I am at a loss to fully articulate my adoration and adulation for your method of artistic expression.....full of grace, breezy spirit and gossamer reverie." - Michele (Los Angeles, CA)

"I cried the first time I saw you in person. I'd been listening to your songs online, and my husband surprised me, took me to a street festival, and walked me to your booth. I couldn't talk at first, just sat on the curb and cried and listened, until I pulled myself together enough to buy my first signed album from you. Thank you for being so approachable, and so willing to share your talent." - K. Thornberry (East Bay Area, CA)

"Hey my friends from all around the world, do me a favor and check this duo out. We have been going to their shows for well over 10 years. They are beautiful people which you can hear in their music. Don't forget to buy a CD or 5! Don't have the money... I'll buy you one!" - N. Salazar (San Jose, CA)

"Music moves people as I know I have shed tears when you sing.” - M Mazzei (Seattle, WA)

"Britt was AMAZING last my friends, "Gypsy Soul", I did not know perfection could be improved upon. Cilette, your voice is more beautiful than ever." - L. Kerr-Harms (Ashland, OR)

"I love sharing your music because I feel everyone should hear your beautiful voice at least once in their lifetime.  During the week I listen to everything from classical to country and everything in between. My Sunday's are all about Gypsy Soul! You guys stand for compassion, peace, and love. I can't think of a more appropriate Sunday then today to turn it up loud to drown out the sorrow of the Florida incident. If only for one day." - C. Horner (San Francisco, CA)

"Inspired by you everyday! Special souls to sooth our souls." - C. Carter- Moorhead (Boulder Creek, CA)

"A signature song that sings out our path to each other by Gypsy Soul titled, 6000 Miles. Forever grateful for how the call of our hearts echoes out to bring in what matches its beat." - S. A. Hart (Seattle, WA)

"Proof of the great magnitude of music Roman and Cilette create, even though we had to come into the show late, our hearts , minds, and souls were treated to a Valentine better than chocolate!!!" - L & G Lisandrelli (Petaluma, CA)

"Thank you and Cilette for sharing your beautiful talent us. You bring light and love into the world for so many. (We) will go anywhere to see u of course!" - T. Hill (Portland, OR)

"I know we have told you guys this before but Keith and I have used you music many times as a source of hope, love and inspiration especially when we were separated by continents. Even now in the same room you can still bring us to tears as many of your songs just make us remember how blessed and lucky we are to have found love! We love you guys!" - J. Rasmussen (UK)

"You two are awesome. I'm not sure why but when I hear your music, I get tender heart-felt emotions every time. I think I'm addicted, rock on my friends." - K. Lankford (Central Point, OR)

"Come back to Sedona asap….. it was the best concert I have ever been to.” - Loretta (Sedona, AZ) 

"Loved your show last night! You have thee most beautiful voice.  Looking forward to seeing you again and again."
- V. Buss-Moulder (Rogue River, OR)

"I wish I had a million dollars to give in support of the Amazing Gypsy Soul...When I thought my heart was broken beyond repair and life would never shine again Cilette and Roman made for gorgeous company as they accompanied every road trip and adventure singing and playing me back to the Sweet spot with Letting Wounds Go and Hardest Good Days and Walking Softly Beyond until I became light enough to become Part of the Wind again....Beautiful beautiful beautiful...Thank you.  Awe, you guys are too much! Looking forward to the next current perfect soundtrack coming out!” - J. Schauer (Ashland, OR)

"Congrats! to two beautiful people! Ever since I met you in Tempe AZ 10 years ago, your music has had an impact on my life.... keep doing what you are doing.” - T. Michael  (Phoenix, AZ)

"You guys make me feel so grounded and in touch with life! I adore both of you!" - J. Spangler (Coos Bay, OR)

"You two are great and I appreciate you so much for your beautiful music and mastery of song and guitar. The emotion comes through loud and clear as well as your affection for each other - a breath of beautiful fresh air. I love True!"  - D. Avedovech (Portland, OR)

"I've had the distinct honor of playing with these two insanely, ludicrously talented, sweet people, and I'm here to tell you: If you have the opportunity to see them live, DO IT.  And if you don't have the opportunity, make it happen anyway." - B. Fry (Burbank, CA)

"If you are looking for some great music check out this video of Gypsy Soul it is some of the best music you will ever hear. I had been buying and listening to their music." - J. Klein (Fargo, ND)

"Our lives are richer for having you both in our lives. You always brighten our hearts and make our souls smile." - S. Tresner (San Diego, CA)

"Beautiful voice and lyrics...luv ur music...happy to touched my soul sweet gypsy...TY." - L. Norton (Orlando, FL)

"True is awesome, beautiful, enchanting, thoughtful, soulful music!" - J. Walker (Eagle Point, OR)

"What happens when two of the most gifted musician-songwriters on the planet are married to each other, creatively and in life? Why, Gypsy Soul is what happens! And it's magical. Lucky for us.  Not only are they crazy good, they are sweet as pie and will talk with their loyal fans and hug them after the show. They have a new record coming out, which you should totally check out, and also go see them if you get the chance. Trust me on this one."  - H. Croydon (Seattle, WA)

"If they are in your town you best go see them..your soul will shine like the sun afterwords." - C. Moorhead (Boulder Creek, CA)

"LOVE Gypsy Soul! We saw them the other night in San Rafael. They were incredible! THIS is the best version of Joy to the World you will ever hear!!" - C. Graham (San Rafael, CA)

"I too am honored to have shared the stage, and spent precious time with Cilette & Roman and "Gypsy Soul". They are, beyond a doubt, wonderfully gifted artists, whose soulful music and lyrics are truly inspirational. I love Cilette & Roman, I love their amazing music and I love Gypsy Soul!" - M. Byrd (Murrieta, CA)

"I met Roman Morykit and Cilette Swann before I knew what talented artists they were. I can say they are the most genuinely down-to-earth, wonderful, warm-hearted people. The music they make is absolutely beautiful! From light and fun, to powerful. Deep thought provoking lyrics. Really something for everyone. Cilette sings like an angel (with an attitude), such an amazing range and gorgeous voice. Roman is an extraordinary musician and together are second to none! They work incredibly hard on their craft and to get it out there for people to hear. I love their music and I am so proud to call them my friends. Please check out their website and their music. You wont regret it. <3 my Gypsy Soul." - G. Bonsi (Eagle Point, OR)

"They are lovely people with their own unique, mesmerizing sound. You will fall in love, like I did almost twenty years ago." 
- A. Marie Trout (Phoenix, AZ)

First of all, I like what you are doing for a lot of reasons. You have a God given quality within your voice that is more than apparent. In good music, of any kind, emotion stands first and you have that emotional quality that makes your music work. Second, when I listen to your CD I find that each tune has its own merit to uniqueness and that is called style. So many artists today want to sound like everyone else so they can get through the door of the industry. Reality tells me that people like yourself find the industry of music a hard fit because they can’t categorize you into the mold that fits their marketing capabilities. I started Nashville Side Streets because of people like you that I saw who have talent above and beyond what you normally hear on radio and TV. You are a quality driven artist and that gives you power around the normal listening public whom I believe are just starting to catch on to the real talent that lies in the  nooks and crannies of every town in the world.  The internet is just starting to bring these great talents to light. May you find peace in your music  because it truly is a gift that you have."  - Ronnie Dean, Producer "Nashville Side Streets"

“ You speak to my soul.  Thank you and keep playing that beautiful, soul stirring sound!” - V. Myles (Florida)

"Every time I hear one of your recordings I think they can't possibly get any more beautiful. But, alas, they always do. Amazing." - K. Patten (Olympia, WA)

"You guys are AMAZING to your friends and fans! Absolutely amazing! We know exactly where your love comes from and your voice / music tells the story of your heart! We love you both so!” - K. Thanos (Prescott, AZ)

"Just finished listening...LOVE LOVE LOVE. My favorite album. Loved the instrumental. Ok, going to replay now…”
- K. Delgado (Seattle, WA) 

"I love their music and their concert presence is delightful." - M. Crovetto-Martinez (San Jose, CA)

"We SO MUCH love your music & songs, & truly believe you will soar!" - K & R Larson

“Absolutely lovin’ your new True CD!  But I just can’t pick a favorite… it’s like having to choose your favorite kitty.  So, I’ll just keep listening to all of the tunes.   Thanks for the lovely music, you two!”  - K. O’Donnell Asmuth (Norwood, OH)

"I’ve been a musician since I was in the 9th grade and rarely have I meet people who choose this life harboring amazing souls. You are both kind, open-hearted and ego-free. Thank you for using your existence here to fill our lives with the gifts within. I am even more of a fan now that I have had the opportunity to meet you.  Until next time.”  - April (Portland, OR) 

"I love these two! "6000 Miles" speaks to the love within me!!" "......true love always finds the path.  I love sharing you guys/gals with the world.  Great tunes and great souls."  - K. Jackson (Stratford, OK)

"Both Ali and I having gypsy souls feel the depth and richness you share on stage with your voice, body language, musician family. From our family to yours, tremendous thanks for the way you celebrated Sam's spirit, sharing with the crowd, love released thru all your God given talents, making the world a better place!” - R. Wolfe (Phoenix, AZ) 

"Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts with us; to see your love and hear your music is very precious and moving.”  
- M. Hampton (North Bend, OR)

"We came back to Israel in 2002 but still play and love your album Sanctuary, which Cilette autographed. Searched the internet today for the band and really glad to see you are still going. Wishing you all the best and hope you come to Israel to perform one day." - Dr. S.B. (Isreal)

"If you love music, and don't care for the direction of the music 'industry,' check out.... Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit, of Gypsy Soul and help support independent artists. Their entire career is unique, expansive and creative, instead of homogenized, restricted and repetitive. I think true artists deserve extraordinary support for the extraordinary gifts they share. Don't you? If so, you can help them grow their audience by sharing your experience of their talent and music with your friends, the way I share them with you. In our socially networked world, liking is nice but sharing is caring!" - R. Kirschner (Ashland, OR)

"Cilette and Roman.........Two of the most beautiful Souls on the planet." - C. Harn (Scottsdale, AZ)

"I LOVE this song (WHO) - probably my favorite of them, but hard to choose. Every time I hear Cilette sing and Roman play, I can feel nothing but infinite love.” - S. McQueen (Ashland, OR)  

"It was a beautiful evening, full of love, GORGEOUS music, and even a bit of healing.  Thank you for the hugs and for your sweet message." - T. Jenkins (Issaquah, WA)

"Cilette's Angelic voice and Roman's beat on the strings are the two most fascinating combination in this Universe. Lucky me to have been able and continue to be able to experience them both. Love you guys.' - C. Weeks (Phoenix, AZ)

"I watched you both evolve and it's been a pleasure to witness what you both have endured and achieved together. Bravo!
- M. Muratore (Phoenix, AZ)  

"You guys are the best! Beautiful music, beautiful hearts, beautiful jewelry, beautiful you. Look forward to seeing and hearing you again.” - S. Delafield (Jacksonville, OR)  

"A big thank you, to both of you. For a deep spiritual nourishment, i received, when I heard you online at Neale's service (Donald Walsch.)  I have a Tithing practice, which is based on giving to where ever i have been spiritually nourished! ... A donation section would be great for you both!  As you are both giving out so much love and spiritual nourishment, folks will just need to give back to you both." - T.B., (Wales, United Kingdom)

“ Yes, you were all so amazing last night - you're at a whole new level of mastery in your music.   I was moved to tears a couple of times.  Thank you so much!!!!” - L. Kirschner (Ashland, OR) 

“ I love these two.  Such an incredible experience.” - S. Tina   

The amazing song "Who" was dedicated to Sam in a Sold Out Concert at The MIM Museum in Arizona Last Night...Gypsy Soul is a Favorite Group of mine not only because of their Incredible Talent and the Angelic Voice of Cilette Swann but of the Magnificent People they are. I have known and loved them for years and recently with their new CD release have found out many of my friends are mutual with them." - A. Kossack (Phoenix, AZ)

“My wife and I saw Gypsy Soul in Ashland last year, AMAZING musicians! Looking forward to the shows!”
- J. Bray (Ashland, OR)  

"Thanks, Cilette and Roman for continuing to make beautiful music that touches my heart and soul all these years! I appreciate you and celebrate you!" - T Inzerillo

"I left town the morning after the August concert ~ and so am delayed in telling you how incredibly beautiful your energy and performance were that night. I saw the light from the moonrise before it came over the horizon that night, and stood where I could see it for the rest of the night. It was so perfect how you sang “Hallelujah” at such a perfect moment.  I gave away one of the cds I bought that night to a dear friend, who has stepped outside of a 30 year marriage, so that she can discover who she is within herself. I secretly think there is a strong possibility that the couple will find their way back together eventually, but either way, your music speaks to living life fully and growing and opening the heart every step of the way.” - D. Paxton (Portland, OR)  

"When music brings the scary vast of the mystery into every shimmering cell. Love, love, the only remedy for it....more love. My dear friends Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit - thank you darlings for showing up to the dance.  It all flows out of you like love is the color of the world." - C. Carter-Kahane (Evergreen, CO)

"I had the best date night on Friday with the one who makes my heart flutter...and got to experience an evening of extraordinary music with Gypsy Soul!! Cilette Swann & Roman Morykit put on one of the best concerts ever!!! I would have taken a photo, if I wasn't having so much fun listening to them play at the Musical Instrument Museum - MIM in Phoenix, that I totally forgot!! It was almost as much fun to listen to the people in the audience who had never heard Cece sing before, or Roman play, and they were talking all thru the show about how incredible they were...(their talent is remarkable, I'll just agree...and they are giant hearted hunny-bunny-mush-faces, too!! ) Chuck and I had never been to MIM before, and we were extremely impressed, not only with the atmosphere, but the acoustics were amazing! (I suppose I shouldn't be a musical instrument museum theater, it  should be that way, right? lol) I am looking forward to being there for the GYPSY SOUL DVD LIVE RECORDED SHOW next year...I hope it happens!!!!” - D. Crim (Gilbert, AZ)  

“We love Gypsy Soul.  If you can see them, run, don’t walk, and get your seat." - W. Ledger (San Jose, CA) 

"GYPSY SOUL is one of the best groups I have ever had the privilege of seeing in person. If you ever have a chance to see them, grab it.” - C. Hart (Rogue River, OR)  

"I just want you to know that I've brought you back home as I'm traveling through the beauty of Nova Scotia Canada and shedding tears as I listen to Who and Where you are. Beautiful country, beautiful expression of what is important in your lyrics and in life.”  - J. Medany-Mead (Pacific Grove, CA)

"Beautiful Playing & Singing and the Lifting of the Human Spirit.....we thank You!" - D. Nicomede (Los Angele, CA)

“Your music resonates to my very soul.  Voices of angels.  What a gift.” - C. Hughes (Aptos, CA) 

"I am at a loss to fully articulate my adoration and adulation for your method of artistic expression.....full of grace, breezy spirit and gossamer reverie. Looking forward to sharing in the experience of your gift.” - Michele (Pasadena, CA) 

"Oregon friends!!! This is one of my very favorite groups!!! Cilette Swanns voice is absolutely mesmerizing!!” - T. Rene’ Good (Okanogan, WA) 

"Absolutely amazing show last night. Thank you Roman and Cilette for another beautiful experience. And yes Roman, this CD is one of your best...but I love them all and both of you. Best wishes to both of are headed for the even bigger BIG TIME!! Your success is so well deserved. We will see YOU at the Grammy's next year!!” - C. Gibbons (Tacoma, WA) 

"Very cool that you all, not only sold out, you had a loooooong line of fans and friends waiting to buy your music, meet you, hug you and thank you after the show. Probably the best Gypsy Soul concert I've ever attended. I don't know sitting on the corner on Mill Ave. back in the good old days was always a treat.  I have so much respect, admiration and appreciation for what you guys do.  You make beautiful soul-changing music and then share it with such love and wonderfully, generous energy.  Thank you for a great show and being so gracious.” - L. Provost (Phoenix, AZ) 

"I'm not sure how I missed Gypsy Soul all these years. My heart fell in love tonight. Thank you for your beautiful music."
- L. Sliskovich Rogers (Mesa, AZ)

"I just finished hearing your new album for the 3rd time. It is truly a beautiful, amazing piece of artistry. The musicianship is outstanding and world class; the songs are incredibly soulful and from the heart. I haven't enjoyed new music this much in years. Many thanks for your gift to the world! One of the best albums ever. And that's no s#i!. Thanks for adding some beauty to the world." - L. Pittman (CdA, Idaho)

"I just wanted to stop in and say Mahalo for the love and light you both share with the collective 'us'. And to let you know that 'be the change' is one of few songs in our line up for our pre wedding ceremony this Wednesday ♡.  If only there were words enough to express how much your music has guided, shifted and inspired me along my journey. Thank you both for being "you." - R. Skeen (San Jose, CA)

"Beautiful, moving, soulful, jammin' evening of music at the Triple Door last night! Thank you Cilette and Roman!! You are truly a blessing to so many and I am entirely grateful to have been a part of watching your lives and music grow in the hearts and lives of so many; such as the powerful impact your music and kindness has always had on me. Many blessings.”
- M. Melsness (Seattle, WA) 

"If you want to see a concert that will knock your socks off make it to this one.”  - L. Gilliespie (Medford, OR) 

"I love these two souls. I've been part of their journey for over a decade. I'm moved by their independent spirit and their decision to keep music pure.” - J. Fogg (Los Angeles, CA) 

"Great musicians, awesome people and an inspiration to all Indie performers out there!.  Take a listen people.” - J.C. Pino (Phoenix, AZ) 

"Back when I was a late night deejay in the Bay Area~ I found this sensational duo. Sincerely one of the hottest groups I've ever my life! EVERYONE I have ever played their music for has been moved. Check them out!” - M. Burns 

“Your music is a inspiration to my daily living and for that I will do everything I can in support of such excellent music. For me, it's more than music you represent because of how you are Independent Artists and what an incredible relationship Gypsy Soul has with us fans.  I am sharing this because of my love of music, especially Cilette Swann & Roman Morykit. Gypsy Soul is so deserving of this and will have my forever support. These two wonderful Independent Musicians are from the Northwest and are worthy of your fan based support. Please go to their website, give a listen, buy the music and "Be The Change.”  - M. Conley 

"Congrats! to two beautiful people! Ever since I met you in Tempe AZ 10 years ago, your music has had an impact on my life.... keep doing what you are doing." - T. Michael (Phoenix, AZ)

"OMG I am a warm, gooshy, melty tub of goo. Just got the new Gypsy Soul TRUE CD and each song is more beautiful than the last!! Cilette and Roman, how do you keep creating such magic?" - L. Craze (Seattle, WA)

"We've known them almost as long as we've been in California....about 15 yrs. I can honestly say that their talent is only superseded by the Grace in which they walk through life and in our hearts. Forever fan's who wish you the best in your endeavor to take your gs music to the next level! I encourage you to check them out and participate in their journey.”
- M. Nunez (Seal Beach, CA) 

"Wow, here's two amazingly talented musicians. An incredibly gifted, (Scottie/French Canadian/ US living, couple) life long partners: Roman with all his limitless guitar talents, couples to support Cilette's unbelievably angelic voice. If any of you other internationals also appreciate soul stirring lyrics and like supporting such gifted artists, check out their latest new release. Makes for great birthday pressies, or add it to your collection of mood lifting, re-energising / stress relieving music. Couple this with dark chocolate and wine, and you'll think you've gone to Heaven and back.. Can't wait to hear it. I can't give them high enough endorsements." - T. Brown (Adelaide, S. Australia)

"GO SEE THIS BAND! They will move your soul! They are one of the best bands I have ever seen!” - A. Hart Hrynewycz 

"Never known more beautiful, loving, generous and talented people. I'm continually so blessed and happy to know you two for so long... and now to be a part of something so amazing! So exciting! “ - A. Pratt (Huntington Beach, CA) 

"Gypsy Soul is incredible! World class.... What talent - what beautiful people they are. And they are FIERCELY INDEPENDENT musicians, & are setting up a detailed business model which I support & respect. I hope you will too!” - B. Burnham 

"You are already winners with those of us that have witnessed the magic that accompanies your music, your journey, your presence.” - S. Springborn (San Jose, CA) 

"We are with you! Every step of the way. We love you and want only success for you. The world needs your message of love.”
- K. Renfroe-Gielgens (Seattle, WA)

"I can't begin to say how much I am head over heels in love with these guys. Not only their music, but with Roman and Cilette themselves. You don't have to take my word for it... check them out and prepare to be swept off your feet. AND please help bring their inspiring work to a larger audiences.” - M. Carroll (San Jose, CA) 

"These two absolutely beautiful people are so dear to my heart….their music,hearts and souls have deeply touched my family and friends. We've seen them live many times and even hosted a house concert a few years ago. They've become dear friends over the years. Lets rally to get them to ORCAS and then to the GRAMMYS!!!” - J. Spitalli (Orcas Isl. WA)   

"Spectacular show! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing you again. Gypsy Soul is awesome as usual. Thank you for a fulfilled evening." - T. Franklin (Seattle, WA) 

"You are both such sweet amazing souls. There is no doubt I was meant to somehow run into both of you this lifetime!  My soul feels your soul. And Lord knows that's what it's about! Connection! Know this world is so grateful to have you sharing your love and passion! Your music moves me so!!!" - J.S. (Coos Bay, OR)

"Roman is an excellent musician and his guitar playing ability is amazing. Cilette has one of the most pure and clear voices I have heard in a very long time and at the same time has a haunting quality that sets her apart. Together their harmonies are intriguing, blended and soulful. One of my favorites is "Big Sky Lullaby" sharing, and following. Good luck!" - O & C Snyder

"For well over 10 years Nanette and I have been listening to and following Gypsy Soul. They are an incredibly gifted duo that have touched our hearts and souls. Their music has changed my life through their original songs such as "Who" which Diggs deep into our own legacy and humanitarianism. Cilette's voice is beautiful, sultry, and haunting while Roman's guitar plays some of the most touching and healing music I have ever felt. I am blessed to have become friends with them over the years and to have had them play for Nanette's 40th. - S. Fritts (San Francisco, CA) 

"Your beautiful, soulful music deserves to be heard world wide and will bless all those who have a chance to hear it! XOXO.” - D. Bell (Seattle, WA) 

"Can't wait filled with anticipation! Going to be the best night of music & artistry of two talented creative master artists!”
- M. Nielson (Phoenix, AZ) 

"Ah-mazing! So happy we had the opportunity to soak up their!   Love, love, love......amazing hearts & souls = perfect night! Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us......grateful!" - J. Kautzman  (Phoenix, AZ) 

"Can't wait to hear it, you two beautiful amazing artists remind me of what it can be to do what you love and love what you do." - Lainie Deschamps (Olympia, WA)

"Two of my favorite people and artists in the world. Dig in people we need real music at the Grammy's once again.” 
- G. Fredericks (Medford, OR) 

"Your melody so repeats in my heart and mind and continually floats in I thank you for that liquor of love you spread in the tones of your voice and the chords he plays of the heart strings such company it keeps for me." - T. Connor

"You were so awesome. You make my soul feel so good and you certainly Radiate the Light. Love seeing you guys. Thank you for lifting up our Planet with your presence and song.  It was the best... However, I know that each concert I have attended always has me thinking that this was the best one.!!! SOOOO, my friends, your best is always each concert . Better and better and better and better. Love you.  Your voice puts me into a trance. My friend and I were sharing how we had been through so much stress in our lives the past months and while hearing your voice and Romans guitar, it was like we forgot about our life and just weaved into your souls.  The acoustics were wonderful. Could hear CeCes voice loud and clear as always. I hope they return to MIM next fall or even this Spring.  Thank you for your dedicated work and sharing with the Universe.“ - C. Weeks (Phoenix, AZ) 

"I have listened to these guys for talented and just truly nice people too." - J. Reed Hazen (San Jose, CA)

"Great performance in Moses Lake tonight. Thank you for your fabulous music!” - M. Angel (Moses Lake, WA) 

"Proud to know you ! Your music touches my heart and soul, and you're really cool too!” - I. Noble (Portland, OR) 

"Gypsy Soul is one of my all time favorite bands (and my friends know how much I love music!) If you have not heard them do yourselves a big favor and buy some of their music and listen to them on Pandora. I have for years wondered why in the world they have not won a Grammy award. I mean they have it all - the voices, the songwriting, the meaningful and inspirational lyrics, the musicianship...and both Cilette Swann and her hubby Roman Morykit are gorgeous.” - M. Fairchild (Redding, CA)

"Roman is one of my favorite guitarists and Cilette has the voice of an angel check them out and catch them live sometime soon!" - D. Kroll (Medford, OR)

"I love the work these two do. They are such great performers and great people." - G. Johnson (San Rafael, CA)

"Check these two out! They are the most wonderful awesome two people you'd ever want to meet and their music is simply magic! Love, Love, Love these two!!" - S. Lang-Smith (Nevada)